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Things that Can Result In Back Pain After Running

Running is considered to be the greatest form of cardio and a good way to lose weight. It can help more about strengthening the heart. Also, it assists in strengthening the mind. Unfortunately for some people, it can be a cause for back pain. Do you experience back pain after having a run? Is back pain a recurring problem for you after running? You could be wondering what causes this pain. As much as the back pain may be caused by so many things, the main problem usually lies in one of the four conditions. This article is going to touch more about the four conditions.

To begin with, there is poor posture. This is deemed as among the leading causes of back in after a run. Those that practice more about running posture that is poor put so much stress on their lower backs. A poor running posture will lead in the lower back having so much stress. This stress can cause the joints to be inflamed and end up causing the back pain. Therefore, there is a need for one to practice good running posture. You could be wondering what a good running posture entails. Well, all you have to do to have a good posture is ensure the upper part of your body is straight. When running, the upper body is supposed to be almost perfectly matching with the legs.

The other cause is lack of conditioning. When you are physically fit you definitely will have a good running posture. if you have muscles that get weak and fatigues easily you are going to have a difficult time putting your body in position. This will lead to you having a poor posture. Hence leading to one having back pain. The major conditioning that you are supposed to pay attention to is your core’s conditioning. Your core matters a lot. This is inclusive of abdominal muscles, obliques, glutes and many others.

In some situations, sprained muscles will be the root cause for your back pain after running. Two things will happen.Either the muscles are going to become strained as you run. Or the run will worsen the muscles that were strained before the run. Overuse of muscles is going to make it strain. As a result, in the event that you have been running in an excessive manner over the last week, there is more about a sprained back muscles. In order to treat a sprained muscle, you will require ice and some heat.

To finish with, there is the degenerative disc condition. This is actually one of the highly troubling causes of back pain after having a run. In this condition the discs within the back start weakening over time. Find more about chiropractic treatments and how they can be helpful.

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